Senin, 05 Mei 2008


C63 AMG benz mercedes as car safety.

this car use machine have capacities to 6.3 litre, 8 cylinder in configuraton of V ( V8), yielding maximum energy 457 PK at 6.800 and rpm of torsi maximum 6000 maximum torsi nm 600 nm at 5.000 rpm. and energy of torsi that machine is channelled to pass gear of AMG plus speedshift otomatic 7 G-Tronic. gear of otomatic owning 7 that speed storey, level is equiped by technology of tiptronic, conducive of rider of boosting up and degrade gears manually pass lever - small lever in driving.

to execute its duty as DTM car safety, the car experience of modification at rem, suspensi, cooler of machine, and also system dismissal of gas is rest of combustion ( system exhaust).

next rem use composite saucer with diameter 38 centimetres (cm) and use 6 calliper pistone, and also put on the brakes back use saucer become militant with diameter 33 cm and use 4 piston of calliper.

machine cooling system use radiator of high perfomence, two peripheral of cooler of droped oli in right and left of next appron, additional and also one peripheral of cooler of larger ones oli. gardan behind equiped by fin - cooler fin and peripheral of cooler of separate oli.

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