Sabtu, 29 November 2008


monitor LCD dan monitor tabung kaca

Monitor is an important component in a computer. With monitor, we can see program which in running by computer. Monitor represent physic appliance or appearance what done in computer system. Growth of monitor of era first hitherto very fast once, and era monitor now its component more lighter simple so that, more than anything else have been created by monitor of LCD, with slim form, attenuate and elegant monitor this type of also more economical energy compared to tennis monitor save glass of RGB needing larger ones energy from at monitor of LCD because besides its component more than monitor of LCD, also because using glass tube which in it require to emit a stream of by electrics so that need big energy.

This time monitor to be divided to become convex glass monitor, flat glass monitor and monitor of LCD.

" Monitor convex glass is created first monitor, this monitor still have component which many and less perfect glass tube so that in form of convex ahead of him as well as system arrangement of its picture still not yet used is digital.

" flat Glass monitor is developed monitor or development of convex glass monitor, this monitor have glass which flatten so that we earn to see deliciously do not destroy eye, monitor this type of even also have used digital system for the arrangement of its picture and have larger ones pixel compared to convex glass monitor.

" Monitor LCD is newest technological monitor by using Crystal dilution can present colours which is clearer to be compared to glass type monitor, besides monitor this type of slimer and more economical place also.

Sabtu, 22 November 2008


Motherboard represent one part of the especial the than a computer because motherboard develop build a computer (PC). Therefore, if us wish to buy motherboard we have to be clever in chosening it because a motherboard will relate to other supporter components. Like prosesor, what of type prosesor socket with prosesor which we wish. RAM, do RAM slot exist in motherboard as according to RAM we to buy, because this time RAM divided to become 4 type that is SDR, DDR1, DDR2, and DDR3, but at type of SDR have do not produce again because the type have seldom be used by at motherboard at era now. Harddisk do motherboard which you buy to use IDEA data cable or of SATA, but usually in one motherboard there are both data cable. Card VGA, do motherboard you to buy to use AGP socket or of PCExpres.

Era Motherboard now usually there are cable of lan also, because used many in white colars and schools go forward, besides era motherboard now more complete and simple compared to era motherboard first, motherboard in suppose as constructor framework a individual (PC) which in it there are constructor components a computer (PC), therefore select choose motherboard owning good capacities and as according to requirement of us, so that computer which we wish as according to requirement of our appetite and us.

by fuad suyudi

Sabtu, 15 November 2008

Hard Disk

Hard Disk or can be referred also drive hard, HDD, or enough just disk hard, disk hard is component a computer used to keep system file and data. Hard Disk consist of three bodywork, that is magnetic saucer, mechanical shares, and also head to read data. Saucer used to keep data, while used mechanical shares to turn around the saucer. Kinds of disk hard depend on used category. For example, pursuant to its type of him, mount speed of data transfer, and also depository capacities of Type data of interface determine data storey level of rate or speed of data transfer. type of Interface found on hard disk all kinds of, that is ATA, Serial of ATA ( SATA), USB, and Fibre Channel.

capacities of Hard high disk represent matter of necessary for consumer of computer especially to all consumer of computer which using many various application ' heavy'. for example graphical desain , animation and game, requiring capacities of hard big disk to keep its files. capacities of Hard disk very immeasurable is usually expressed in set of GB ( Gigabyte) or of MB ( Megabyte) Even is now created by hard disk with energy keep till one TB ( Terrabyte ) or 1000GB. This matter enable all maker of operating system and software make more sophisticated software and heavier application. hard disk have separate characteristic. This characteristic cover physical size measure of hard disk, energy keep, storey level consume energy, mount the transfer of rate, etcetera. Depository capacities at a hard disk depend on amount of owned platter it. More and more amount of platter, hence capacities of hard disk usually ever greater also. As picture, disk hard generally have three platter and six head read-and-write.

by Fuad Suyudi

Minggu, 09 November 2008

Handling whoop it up computer

if you listen a song is possible heard is delicious. Hearing car machine thumping voice of scene of filem which you look on, gunshot of game when playing game very yielding and making us progressively challenged to playing it. But whoop it up voice which yielded by Your computer is not pleasant matter to be heard. More than anything else if You of including one who seldom kill PC, though sleep ( can that become your nightmare). Component any kind of whoop it up computer? How to handle it?

cooler fan(kipas cooling)

Fan it's true often used by many people to dissipate heat of component an computer. But, besides making cool CPU, fan also which at the same time make hubbub yielding whoop it up voice at Your computer. More than anything else owning many attached by fan it's computer. One at processor, two integrated at supply power. Not to mention if motherboard provided with fan at chipset, fan at video of card. to majoring ruthless at CPU, most people enhance from 1 of fan up to 4 additional fan to yield cold air stream at CPU. Not to mention which like to pamper harddsik , sometime enhance cooler harddisk with the meaning additional fan again

If you wish to install additional fan, labouring the the fan with quality with low noise storey level. good Fan not many yielding rotary moment vibration. Usually Fan have big diameter to can yield lower noise storey level than small fairish fan. Become if Your casing enable, selec choose fairish fan 120 mm than fan 80 mm.


whoop it up Voice of Your computer also earn happened because yielded vibration. Fan with ugly quality which become one of the because. labouring Spanner which do not be attached better also cause vibration voice, become to tighten attached spanners at your CPU.

By fuad suyudi

Minggu, 02 November 2008

Way of installation of windows xp

At era this time popping out many sophisticated and newer electronic appliance, especially computer have very applied in social activities, many white colars physical plant which oprasi system, its monetary management, datas all its officer and other use a computer, even many people owning personal computer at home they are, quite a few one who understand the way of program job a computer like Microsoft office and program its its ut they its installation cannot him, possible they assume that do not be important so because its his less in applying in everyday life, though that of vital importance if happened an damage which do not in wishing like its of damage him hence we have overcome alone it. Way of its its shall be as follows :

  1. First of all we enter its his system, by depressing delet at the time of its his running.

  2. Later Then select choose features bios advanced ( for the bios of phoenic) continue to select;choose at

" Boot device First become CDROM

" Second Boot device become Hard Disk

" Third Boot device become disabled

After in fox, keep setting later then go out bios.

  1. Await a few moments at the time of read of Hard Disk emerge article " Boot From CD" hereinafter depress delet

  2. After emerging some comand

" ENTER = Continue

" R = Repair

" F3 = Quit

You depress ENTER for menginstal

  1. Later Then emerge comand

" F8 = I Agree

" ESC = I Don'T Agree

" Page Down = Next Page

Later Then you depress F8 or select choose I Agree

  1. Later Then emerge again govern

" F3 = Quit

" R = Repair

" ESC = Don'T Repair

You depress ESC or select choose Don'T Repair

7. After emerging partition depress " C = partition create" to divide partition later then ENTER after finishing.

For the things have been divided in to its its hence direct depress " ENTER = Continue"

And follow process hereinafter

Fuad suyudi By

Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2008

Security of Computer from various damage

Security of Computer from various damage

Security of personal computer of vital importance done to take care of safety of windows sisem and required datas of damage danger or lose. The security to avoid two possibility that is from viruss attack of computer ignorant hands and which use your computer later; then make disorderly existing data and system in it. Thereby you have to conduct you or security have to accept risk if damage windows system or datas which you have to lose, way of its security shall be as follows :

1. Security of ignorant hands attack

Security of ignorant hands can be conducted with a few the way of, to be ignorant hand cannot destroy or make disorderly data in your computer. But if the people skilled in the case of computer possible this as just resistor, but non meaning that penetrated absolute

  • Security with BIOS password

  • Security pass process of booting

  • Security pass key boot

  • Protecting panel control

  • Security of important files

  • Security of file with extention

2. Security of virus attack

Besides ignorant hands, attack which need taking heed you is virus attack because can confuse existing system in your computer. There are some virus type in computer like virus of macro damage of document file, Damage Trojan of system in your computer, there is also which only coming up in screen of computer but don’t destroy and data of system your computer but very bothering because often emerge sudden so that bother you at the time of working in front of computer. It’s first handling that is by installing antivirus which you trust can fight against all virus type which enter in your computer. second don't promiscuously input any flasdisk which you don’t know where on earth that flasdisk the transfer of file. Third don't dabbl to install internet if computer which you use don’t provide with antivirus, first cause of virus propagated later, then from and flasdisk of CD will disseminate to other computer if and flasdisk of CD the in using the and he/she don’t wear antivirus.

by Fuad Suyudi

Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2008

Problem of infuse printer

Problem of infuse printer

This time many people if buying printer by using infuse system, because of way of admission filling of easy ink, cheap inking price, durabel also it’s use. But at the opposite of all that there is problems which must in facing when floods cartrid, cartrid don’t detect, eye of cartrid dry.

1. Floods Cartrid

If infuse system printer which you use to have complication with cartrid which floods hence as good as him of printer your often used to print picture or document, because ink of tube of infuse will continue to empty into cartrid, bigger inking tube because and in content many ink compared to cartrid which its small size measure, become because pressure in bigger inking tube hence ink will continue to empty into cartrid slowly. Or by is other of you change inking tube by using pipe which in jointing the from the top of inking tube so that ink will empty into cartrid at the time of just print

2. cartrid don’t detect

If infuse system printer cartrid which you use don’t detect by computer ascertained you can’t print. Cartrid don’t detect if ink in Korong cartrid or pipe of system infuse contain air, hence step which in conducting is to abstract cartrid later; then installing it return hence cartrid will detect again, that printer because detect ink of original and at any times ink will used up.

3. eye of Cartrid dry

If eye at that dry cartrid of infuse system printer because which you use seldom in wearing and using ink inject less good it’s quality so that if hitting wind hence ink which there are tip of eye of cartrid of mongering, suggested is sensitive of ink with quality nicely




Take care of computer have to beware of because computer represent very electronic appliance of sensitive, so that in needing care and correctness in cleaning it, especially in part of motherboard and RAM ( random access memory) both of the hardware very sensitive

1. Take care of casing

Casing represent exterior from a computer or as packer of hardware equipment in it, become this dirtiest shares in comparing equipment exist in depth. Way of cleaning first it that is by moping part of casing with clean damp cloth till like newly, if dirt too thick because seldom be cleaned by hence you better clean casing with soap until there no coherent dirt or dirt, that also if you have mastered about way of assemble computer truly, so that you earn easily release and reset component in it

2. Take care of cables and motherboard

Take care of part of motherboard in suppose service a machine, taken care of routinely hence performance of mycomputer will always newly because dirt which patch at motherboard can generate damage, though very rare happened, that in causing because dirt can send electrics current though very small old but too long if letting to continue will generate damage

Later; Then existing cables priksalah to prevent the happening of short current relation because damage cable, broken, because other trouble or mouse.

3. Take care of monitor

Take care of monitor very easy enough with mop which giving dilution of cleaner glass( if monitor use glass screen), if monitor with LCD ( crystal liquid displayed) you have to clean carefully because screen of LCD very susceptible to keen object, become you have to clean it with cloth of special very soft and smooth, enough moping it by is unidirectional.

4. Take care of keyboard

Cleaning keyboard very easy, remain to clean with tissue hence dirt and dirts which patch effect of hand of yuser dirty lose and keyboard become cleanness again


Senin, 13 Oktober 2008

what i think about...

We become like continuous what we think about.

Become, so that the spirit of, we have to include input which spirit of and positive into our mind constantly.

So what is the method? simple.

1. Accustoming diligent read books which is positive and motivated.

Start with book: " The Angel Inside" for example.

Or If possible look for book, where its so called author: Tony Christiansen. Very good. Impossible almost lackluster us if reading its life story. Because in age 9 year, natural of accident in both its foot/feet, so that have to diamputasi. But he reach many achievement in life where difficult normal people even also contesting him.

Read also its book of Tung Desem Beringin tree. How He revolutionize its life only during 3 brief year.

And of course still many other super books.

Then read. Read several times. Underline, read slowly, digest, then read again, write also interesting shares or ideas. Look for video " The Secret" is magnificent. Giving the understanding of hitting what life secret. We will understand that interesting us all sesuat that happened in life.

So slowly, we will become more motivated and hotly that, we ready to conduct many super matter in life we is.

Habit read books development of this motivation or x'self require to be made by habit. Do step by step and consistence.

If have come up with invesment for knowledge focused, hence us nope need darling to money. Because the return is the problem of more super life in our future.

There no leader which do not like to read.

Is even told: " Leader is reader"

We is leader, because us at least leading ownself, leading family, and people around us.

In Era Information like this, who'll continue success is one who have Information, alias like to learn ( reading).

2. Know what passion ( our hasrat).

just Reading in fact have will open many matter, including we will find what our ambition sih. What excess of me, what of my hobby, what strength of me, so to ascertain soybean cake us and do everydayly of things which is true we aspire in it, hence that is door go to bliss.

We will become more self confidence, living it up with fullness, because us conduct something that really we take a fancy to

3. Continue to grow and round into betterly.

Read on, continue to learn, increasing in area which we aspire mentionedly. Book " The Angel Inside" paring finished regarding to conduct work which we is hobby or aspire. Book is magnificent.

Start by reading a book that nicely is.


Senin, 05 Mei 2008


C63 AMG benz mercedes as car safety.

this car use machine have capacities to 6.3 litre, 8 cylinder in configuraton of V ( V8), yielding maximum energy 457 PK at 6.800 and rpm of torsi maximum 6000 maximum torsi nm 600 nm at 5.000 rpm. and energy of torsi that machine is channelled to pass gear of AMG plus speedshift otomatic 7 G-Tronic. gear of otomatic owning 7 that speed storey, level is equiped by technology of tiptronic, conducive of rider of boosting up and degrade gears manually pass lever - small lever in driving.

to execute its duty as DTM car safety, the car experience of modification at rem, suspensi, cooler of machine, and also system dismissal of gas is rest of combustion ( system exhaust).

next rem use composite saucer with diameter 38 centimetres (cm) and use 6 calliper pistone, and also put on the brakes back use saucer become militant with diameter 33 cm and use 4 piston of calliper.

machine cooling system use radiator of high perfomence, two peripheral of cooler of droped oli in right and left of next appron, additional and also one peripheral of cooler of larger ones oli. gardan behind equiped by fin - cooler fin and peripheral of cooler of separate oli.