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Security of Computer from various damage

Security of Computer from various damage

Security of personal computer of vital importance done to take care of safety of windows sisem and required datas of damage danger or lose. The security to avoid two possibility that is from viruss attack of computer ignorant hands and which use your computer later; then make disorderly existing data and system in it. Thereby you have to conduct you or security have to accept risk if damage windows system or datas which you have to lose, way of its security shall be as follows :

1. Security of ignorant hands attack

Security of ignorant hands can be conducted with a few the way of, to be ignorant hand cannot destroy or make disorderly data in your computer. But if the people skilled in the case of computer possible this as just resistor, but non meaning that penetrated absolute

  • Security with BIOS password

  • Security pass process of booting

  • Security pass key boot

  • Protecting panel control

  • Security of important files

  • Security of file with extention

2. Security of virus attack

Besides ignorant hands, attack which need taking heed you is virus attack because can confuse existing system in your computer. There are some virus type in computer like virus of macro damage of document file, Damage Trojan of system in your computer, there is also which only coming up in screen of computer but don’t destroy and data of system your computer but very bothering because often emerge sudden so that bother you at the time of working in front of computer. It’s first handling that is by installing antivirus which you trust can fight against all virus type which enter in your computer. second don't promiscuously input any flasdisk which you don’t know where on earth that flasdisk the transfer of file. Third don't dabbl to install internet if computer which you use don’t provide with antivirus, first cause of virus propagated later, then from and flasdisk of CD will disseminate to other computer if and flasdisk of CD the in using the and he/she don’t wear antivirus.

by Fuad Suyudi

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