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Way of installation of windows xp

At era this time popping out many sophisticated and newer electronic appliance, especially computer have very applied in social activities, many white colars physical plant which oprasi system, its monetary management, datas all its officer and other use a computer, even many people owning personal computer at home they are, quite a few one who understand the way of program job a computer like Microsoft office and program its its ut they its installation cannot him, possible they assume that do not be important so because its his less in applying in everyday life, though that of vital importance if happened an damage which do not in wishing like its of damage him hence we have overcome alone it. Way of its its shall be as follows :

  1. First of all we enter its his system, by depressing delet at the time of its his running.

  2. Later Then select choose features bios advanced ( for the bios of phoenic) continue to select;choose at

" Boot device First become CDROM

" Second Boot device become Hard Disk

" Third Boot device become disabled

After in fox, keep setting later then go out bios.

  1. Await a few moments at the time of read of Hard Disk emerge article " Boot From CD" hereinafter depress delet

  2. After emerging some comand

" ENTER = Continue

" R = Repair

" F3 = Quit

You depress ENTER for menginstal

  1. Later Then emerge comand

" F8 = I Agree

" ESC = I Don'T Agree

" Page Down = Next Page

Later Then you depress F8 or select choose I Agree

  1. Later Then emerge again govern

" F3 = Quit

" R = Repair

" ESC = Don'T Repair

You depress ESC or select choose Don'T Repair

7. After emerging partition depress " C = partition create" to divide partition later then ENTER after finishing.

For the things have been divided in to its its hence direct depress " ENTER = Continue"

And follow process hereinafter

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