Minggu, 09 November 2008

Handling whoop it up computer

if you listen a song is possible heard is delicious. Hearing car machine thumping voice of scene of filem which you look on, gunshot of game when playing game very yielding and making us progressively challenged to playing it. But whoop it up voice which yielded by Your computer is not pleasant matter to be heard. More than anything else if You of including one who seldom kill PC, though sleep ( can that become your nightmare). Component any kind of whoop it up computer? How to handle it?

cooler fan(kipas cooling)

Fan it's true often used by many people to dissipate heat of component an computer. But, besides making cool CPU, fan also which at the same time make hubbub yielding whoop it up voice at Your computer. More than anything else owning many attached by fan it's computer. One at processor, two integrated at supply power. Not to mention if motherboard provided with fan at chipset, fan at video of card. to majoring ruthless at CPU, most people enhance from 1 of fan up to 4 additional fan to yield cold air stream at CPU. Not to mention which like to pamper harddsik , sometime enhance cooler harddisk with the meaning additional fan again

If you wish to install additional fan, labouring the the fan with quality with low noise storey level. good Fan not many yielding rotary moment vibration. Usually Fan have big diameter to can yield lower noise storey level than small fairish fan. Become if Your casing enable, selec choose fairish fan 120 mm than fan 80 mm.


whoop it up Voice of Your computer also earn happened because yielded vibration. Fan with ugly quality which become one of the because. labouring Spanner which do not be attached better also cause vibration voice, become to tighten attached spanners at your CPU.

By fuad suyudi

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