Sabtu, 15 November 2008

Hard Disk

Hard Disk or can be referred also drive hard, HDD, or enough just disk hard, disk hard is component a computer used to keep system file and data. Hard Disk consist of three bodywork, that is magnetic saucer, mechanical shares, and also head to read data. Saucer used to keep data, while used mechanical shares to turn around the saucer. Kinds of disk hard depend on used category. For example, pursuant to its type of him, mount speed of data transfer, and also depository capacities of Type data of interface determine data storey level of rate or speed of data transfer. type of Interface found on hard disk all kinds of, that is ATA, Serial of ATA ( SATA), USB, and Fibre Channel.

capacities of Hard high disk represent matter of necessary for consumer of computer especially to all consumer of computer which using many various application ' heavy'. for example graphical desain , animation and game, requiring capacities of hard big disk to keep its files. capacities of Hard disk very immeasurable is usually expressed in set of GB ( Gigabyte) or of MB ( Megabyte) Even is now created by hard disk with energy keep till one TB ( Terrabyte ) or 1000GB. This matter enable all maker of operating system and software make more sophisticated software and heavier application. hard disk have separate characteristic. This characteristic cover physical size measure of hard disk, energy keep, storey level consume energy, mount the transfer of rate, etcetera. Depository capacities at a hard disk depend on amount of owned platter it. More and more amount of platter, hence capacities of hard disk usually ever greater also. As picture, disk hard generally have three platter and six head read-and-write.

by Fuad Suyudi

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