Sabtu, 22 November 2008


Motherboard represent one part of the especial the than a computer because motherboard develop build a computer (PC). Therefore, if us wish to buy motherboard we have to be clever in chosening it because a motherboard will relate to other supporter components. Like prosesor, what of type prosesor socket with prosesor which we wish. RAM, do RAM slot exist in motherboard as according to RAM we to buy, because this time RAM divided to become 4 type that is SDR, DDR1, DDR2, and DDR3, but at type of SDR have do not produce again because the type have seldom be used by at motherboard at era now. Harddisk do motherboard which you buy to use IDEA data cable or of SATA, but usually in one motherboard there are both data cable. Card VGA, do motherboard you to buy to use AGP socket or of PCExpres.

Era Motherboard now usually there are cable of lan also, because used many in white colars and schools go forward, besides era motherboard now more complete and simple compared to era motherboard first, motherboard in suppose as constructor framework a individual (PC) which in it there are constructor components a computer (PC), therefore select choose motherboard owning good capacities and as according to requirement of us, so that computer which we wish as according to requirement of our appetite and us.

by fuad suyudi

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