Sabtu, 29 November 2008


monitor LCD dan monitor tabung kaca

Monitor is an important component in a computer. With monitor, we can see program which in running by computer. Monitor represent physic appliance or appearance what done in computer system. Growth of monitor of era first hitherto very fast once, and era monitor now its component more lighter simple so that, more than anything else have been created by monitor of LCD, with slim form, attenuate and elegant monitor this type of also more economical energy compared to tennis monitor save glass of RGB needing larger ones energy from at monitor of LCD because besides its component more than monitor of LCD, also because using glass tube which in it require to emit a stream of by electrics so that need big energy.

This time monitor to be divided to become convex glass monitor, flat glass monitor and monitor of LCD.

" Monitor convex glass is created first monitor, this monitor still have component which many and less perfect glass tube so that in form of convex ahead of him as well as system arrangement of its picture still not yet used is digital.

" flat Glass monitor is developed monitor or development of convex glass monitor, this monitor have glass which flatten so that we earn to see deliciously do not destroy eye, monitor this type of even also have used digital system for the arrangement of its picture and have larger ones pixel compared to convex glass monitor.

" Monitor LCD is newest technological monitor by using Crystal dilution can present colours which is clearer to be compared to glass type monitor, besides monitor this type of slimer and more economical place also.

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