Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2008

Problem of infuse printer

Problem of infuse printer

This time many people if buying printer by using infuse system, because of way of admission filling of easy ink, cheap inking price, durabel also it’s use. But at the opposite of all that there is problems which must in facing when floods cartrid, cartrid don’t detect, eye of cartrid dry.

1. Floods Cartrid

If infuse system printer which you use to have complication with cartrid which floods hence as good as him of printer your often used to print picture or document, because ink of tube of infuse will continue to empty into cartrid, bigger inking tube because and in content many ink compared to cartrid which its small size measure, become because pressure in bigger inking tube hence ink will continue to empty into cartrid slowly. Or by is other of you change inking tube by using pipe which in jointing the from the top of inking tube so that ink will empty into cartrid at the time of just print

2. cartrid don’t detect

If infuse system printer cartrid which you use don’t detect by computer ascertained you can’t print. Cartrid don’t detect if ink in Korong cartrid or pipe of system infuse contain air, hence step which in conducting is to abstract cartrid later; then installing it return hence cartrid will detect again, that printer because detect ink of original and at any times ink will used up.

3. eye of Cartrid dry

If eye at that dry cartrid of infuse system printer because which you use seldom in wearing and using ink inject less good it’s quality so that if hitting wind hence ink which there are tip of eye of cartrid of mongering, suggested is sensitive of ink with quality nicely


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