Senin, 13 Oktober 2008

what i think about...

We become like continuous what we think about.

Become, so that the spirit of, we have to include input which spirit of and positive into our mind constantly.

So what is the method? simple.

1. Accustoming diligent read books which is positive and motivated.

Start with book: " The Angel Inside" for example.

Or If possible look for book, where its so called author: Tony Christiansen. Very good. Impossible almost lackluster us if reading its life story. Because in age 9 year, natural of accident in both its foot/feet, so that have to diamputasi. But he reach many achievement in life where difficult normal people even also contesting him.

Read also its book of Tung Desem Beringin tree. How He revolutionize its life only during 3 brief year.

And of course still many other super books.

Then read. Read several times. Underline, read slowly, digest, then read again, write also interesting shares or ideas. Look for video " The Secret" is magnificent. Giving the understanding of hitting what life secret. We will understand that interesting us all sesuat that happened in life.

So slowly, we will become more motivated and hotly that, we ready to conduct many super matter in life we is.

Habit read books development of this motivation or x'self require to be made by habit. Do step by step and consistence.

If have come up with invesment for knowledge focused, hence us nope need darling to money. Because the return is the problem of more super life in our future.

There no leader which do not like to read.

Is even told: " Leader is reader"

We is leader, because us at least leading ownself, leading family, and people around us.

In Era Information like this, who'll continue success is one who have Information, alias like to learn ( reading).

2. Know what passion ( our hasrat).

just Reading in fact have will open many matter, including we will find what our ambition sih. What excess of me, what of my hobby, what strength of me, so to ascertain soybean cake us and do everydayly of things which is true we aspire in it, hence that is door go to bliss.

We will become more self confidence, living it up with fullness, because us conduct something that really we take a fancy to

3. Continue to grow and round into betterly.

Read on, continue to learn, increasing in area which we aspire mentionedly. Book " The Angel Inside" paring finished regarding to conduct work which we is hobby or aspire. Book is magnificent.

Start by reading a book that nicely is.


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