Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2008



Take care of computer have to beware of because computer represent very electronic appliance of sensitive, so that in needing care and correctness in cleaning it, especially in part of motherboard and RAM ( random access memory) both of the hardware very sensitive

1. Take care of casing

Casing represent exterior from a computer or as packer of hardware equipment in it, become this dirtiest shares in comparing equipment exist in depth. Way of cleaning first it that is by moping part of casing with clean damp cloth till like newly, if dirt too thick because seldom be cleaned by hence you better clean casing with soap until there no coherent dirt or dirt, that also if you have mastered about way of assemble computer truly, so that you earn easily release and reset component in it

2. Take care of cables and motherboard

Take care of part of motherboard in suppose service a machine, taken care of routinely hence performance of mycomputer will always newly because dirt which patch at motherboard can generate damage, though very rare happened, that in causing because dirt can send electrics current though very small old but too long if letting to continue will generate damage

Later; Then existing cables priksalah to prevent the happening of short current relation because damage cable, broken, because other trouble or mouse.

3. Take care of monitor

Take care of monitor very easy enough with mop which giving dilution of cleaner glass( if monitor use glass screen), if monitor with LCD ( crystal liquid displayed) you have to clean carefully because screen of LCD very susceptible to keen object, become you have to clean it with cloth of special very soft and smooth, enough moping it by is unidirectional.

4. Take care of keyboard

Cleaning keyboard very easy, remain to clean with tissue hence dirt and dirts which patch effect of hand of yuser dirty lose and keyboard become cleanness again


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